Summer Camp

How to Tie Dye Like a Pro

Do-it-yourself tie-dye t-shirts have been popular for ages, but they are recently experiencing a comeback in a big way. They are easy to make, and kids love wearing their own creation. If your child is going to be attending summer camp this year, you can expect that they will tie-dye something.

Whether you are running a camp or you’re looking for a fun project to do with the kids at home, give tie-dying your own shirts a try. It’s easier than you may think and is a very engaging project that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

1. Gather Your Supplies

You will need the following supplies to properly undergo the tie-dye process: white T-shirts, thick rubber bands, soda ash or baking soda, a bucket, some paint sponges or brushes and dye.

2. Soak the Shirt

Soak the shirt in a bucket of warm water mixed with soda ash or baking soda. This will help the dye stick to the material. Let the shirt soak for about 20 minutes before you wring it out.

3. Twist and Turn

Twist and scrunch the shirt however you wish. You can find some great instructions online if you are looking to create a specific pattern. After you have the shirt in a certain position, wrap rubber bands around the shirt in places so that it stays put.

4. Apply Dye

Take your paint sponges or brushes and apply dye to the t-shirt. You will want to stop one color at a rubber band and then start another. This will give you a pattern of swirls, stripes or circles depending on how you’ve tied your shirt.

5. Wrap It

Once you are done with the dye, wrap the shirt with cling film and let it sit overnight. Remove the film in the morning, rinse the shirt and hang it to dry. That’s it! In just five simple steps, you’ve created a shirt that will always bring back fond memories of summer camp whenever it is worn.

If you are interested in sending your child to Jewish summer camp in Atlanta this summer and would like financial assistance, please reach out to our team. We can help you find the money you need to ensure your child has a terrific summer.

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Why Camper-to-Staff Ratio Is Important

When you decide to send your child to summer camp, you do extensive research to ensure that you are sending them to the perfect camp. You want to be sure that they have a good time while they are away from home and that they are safe.

One important factor to consider when deciding on the right summer camp is the camper-to-staff ratio. When the ratio gets too high, say around 13 campers to one staff member, your child will not get the individual attention they deserve. In order to maintain the safety of the large group of campers, a counselor or other staff member will have to treat the campers as a homogenous group. Therefore, they will not receive focused, individual attention during the activities you have paid for.

If you want to ensure that your child gets the attention they deserve and you expect, you will want to look for a smaller ratio. Here are some other important reasons that you’ll want to ensure a low camper-to-staff ratio:

  1. A deeper understanding between staff and campers
  2. Heightened safety
  3. Higher morale among campers
  4. More accomplishments
  5. Active engagement in camp activities
  6. Reduction in instances of homesickness

If you are interested in sending your child to Jewish summer camp in Atlanta this year and are looking for financial assistance, please reach out to our office. We will be happy to assist you in finding the sources of funds that you need in order to send your child to camp.

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How to Find the Right Special Needs Summer Camp

Summer is still months away, but you may already be thinking of summer camp for your child with disabilities. With so many options, it can be difficult to make a decision. The best thing you can do is to start considering your choices earlier rather than later so that you have time to find the right special needs camp for your little ones.

What You Want Your Child to Gain

One of the first considerations to make is to determine what you want your child to gain from summer camp. Do you want them to gain new skills or enhance ones they already have? Knowing what you want your child to gain from camp can help you slim down your choices.

Schedules and Structure

Your child may be used to a very strict routine at home, and you could be worried that their routine’s disruption will throw them off. You can look for a summer camp that follows a set schedule every day to help your child adjust.


While location may not be your first consideration, it is certainly one of the top on your list. You may need a bit more money than you had originally planned if the camp is in a different state or even just cities away. Applying for grants and scholarships now can ensure that you have the funds needed.

Other things to consider will be your child’s medical needs, the number of camp staff to children, and the length of the camp. Once you have taken all of these things into consideration, you can make an informed decision when it comes to your child’s summer camp.

If you are considering a Jewish summer camp in Atlanta for your child with disabilities this summer and are looking for financial aid, reach out to our team. We can help you find the monies you are looking for.

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What’s the Best Age to Start Sleepaway Camp?

You’ve sent your kids to day camp and they’ve had a great time. This summer, you are wondering if your child will be old enough for sleepaway camp. Unfortunately, the answer to that question isn’t always an easy one to come by. Some experts recommend one age, while others recommend another. It boils down to this: Your child is ready when they are ready.

For some children, being school-aged is old enough to go to sleepaway camp. For some, this is still too young. Many camps offer overnights to children as young as 6. Other camps don’t allow children to spend the night until they reach age 7. For children this young, overnight camps often take place during a “starter week.” Children spend the days with counselors and friends, and many camps also have parental volunteers.

If you are gasping, feeling as though there is no way your first-grader is ready to spend a week away from you, consider these reasons that young children often do so well at camp:

  1. They are able to develop their confidence and independence early.
  2. They aren’t typically as homesick as older children.
  3. It is often easier to find a spot at popular camps for younger children.
  4. Your children can develop social skills and positive relationships with same- or similar-aged peers.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to you knowing your child. If you are interested in your little one attending a Jewish summer camp this year, reach out to our team. We may be able to help you with financial aid to make camp more affordable.

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3 Things to Do While Your Kids Are at Camp

For many parents, the thought of their child being away from home at summer camp is a stressful one. Parents worry that their children will be homesick, won’t be taken care of or will be injured. Most find that these fears are not the reality and that their children have a great time while they are away.  

Instead of getting emotional at the thought of your kids leaving for a few days, start making plans for yourself. There are several things you can do to pass the time. Here are some ideas.

1. Take a Trip

Take a trip of your own. When was the last time you had an adults-only vacation? Now would be a great time to take a break by yourself or with your partner. If you decide to go off on a short trip, make sure that the camp has emergency contact information on file in case they can’t get ahold of you.

2. Eat Like an Adult

Forget frozen nuggets and mac-and-cheese. Now is the time to eat that adult food you’ve been craving. As a bonus, you can eat it without complaints sounding from little faces. Try some sushi, go out for a four-star meal, whatever you desire. The time is yours.

3. Catch Up With Friends

Getting together with friends can be difficult when everyone has little ones. Now would be a great time to catch up with some of those people you haven’t seen in a while. Grab a cup of coffee in the middle of the afternoon or head out for a night on the town. You get to decide.

Treat your kids’ time at summer camp like a small break for yourself. Use the ideas above or come up with some of your own. If you are interested in pursuing financial aid for Jewish summer camp this year, reach out to our helpful team. We will be happy to help you.

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Biggest Myths About Summer Camp

Is summer on your mind yet? If you are like many, the hottest months of the year seem a long way off. The fact is that summer really isn’t that far away, and you may want to start thinking about which camp your kids will be attending. If you’re still up in the air about whether or not you will send your children to camp at all, let’s talk about a few of the myths surrounding summer camp.

1. It’s Not for Everyone

This simply isn’t true. There are thousands of Jewish summer camps out there, both sleepaway and day camps, that will provide a wealth of experience for anyone. There are camps based on interests and needs, ensuring that you can find the perfect one for your child.

2. It’s Expensive

Camp isn’t cheap, don’t get us wrong, but it isn’t cost prohibitive. Add to that the large amount of help that is out there and money shouldn’t be a concern. If you want to send your kids to camp, there’s definitely a way that you can afford it, whether through fundraising, scholarships or some other means.

3. It’s All Fun and Games

While summer do camps want your child to have a good time, Jewish summer camps are centered around specific ideals and experiences. This means that your little ones will have fun, but they will learn while they are doing it. Don’t think of camp as a time waster.

If you are interested in sending your children to camp, you should look into it. Whether you are looking to send your kids away for a strictly religious experience, an educational one or a physical one, there is a Jewish summer camp out there that’s right for your family.

We understand that the cost of camp may be a luxury that some can’t afford. We are happy to provide financial aid for Jewish summer camp for families in need. Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you and your family this summer.

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How To Roast the Perfect Marshmallow

One of the best things about camp are the memories made sitting around a campfire and exchanging stories. But the best part of a campfire? Roasting marshmallows. Follow these steps, and you’re sure to have the perfect marshmallows when you go to Jewish summer camp.

1. Build a Fire

To have the perfect fire for roasting, start building your fire an hour before you break out the marshmallows. Be sure that you have a safe fire pit area and appropriate fire-starting tools. Using dry tinder such as paper or dryer lint, make a pile along with small twigs. Once the fire is lit, add in dry branches to enhance the size and longevity.

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Fundraising for Camp? Here Are Some Easy Ideas

Summer camp is often the highlight of a child’s year, but it can be difficult to figure out how you’re going to pay for this experience. Here are some fundraising ideas to keep your Jewish summer camp dreams funded.

1. Recycle for Cash

Teach kids about the value of recycling, while sending in the materials collected to a center that will pay you for items such as ink cartridges and aluminum cans!

2. Bake Sale

A classic fundraiser, have kids and parents provide homemade snacks that practically sell themselves. You can organize a bake sale with other families who are raising money for camp, or do it on your own.

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Why Jewish Summer Camp Is Worth Every Dime

School ends, and kids have nothing to do for three months. That may be true of other children, but not yours. You have no desire to let your children spend the summer sitting on the couch playing video games. You know they need something to keep them active, but you aren’t sure you have the money for summer camp. The truth is that if you can afford it or get financial assistance, Jewish summer camp is worth every single dime you will spend. Here’s why.

1. Social Growth

Any type of camp that includes multiple children gives little ones lessons in social skills. Your child will learn to be part of a team, lead others and work to achieve a common goal. These are skills that your child will carry into adulthood.

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What to Include in a Care Package for Jewish Summer Camp

Attending Jewish summer camp is a big deal for kids. It is often their first time away from home, and they may be left feeling a bit lonely and anxious. A great way to send a bit of love from home is with a care package. But what should you include? Here are some ideas:

1. Craft Supplies

If your little one is a budding artist, a box of craft supplies is a great idea. A sketchbook and some watercolor pencils can give your child something to do in their downtime.

2. A Group Activity

Help your child make friends by sending something that they can do as a group. Plain fabric bags and a bow or two of fabric markers will allow the entire cabin to come together to participate in a fun activity.

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