Why Disconnecting from Tech Is Good for Kids

Large group of children running in the dandelion spring field

It’s no secret that our world is more connected than ever before. Between your phone, your laptop, your tablet and your TV, there isn’t much you miss these days. Chances are, your kids are just as connected. Even if they don’t have the same arsenal of screens as you, they probably rely on technology for everything from entertainment to education.

While a more connected world certainly has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks. It probably isn’t realistic to completely disconnect your kids from technology all summer long, but attending camp can provide a welcome reprieve. Here’s why disconnecting from tech for a week or two is good for kids:

1. Create Instead of Consume

When your kids are constantly connected to technology, there is little reason for them to be creative. At camp, the option to simply sit back and consume media all day isn’t available. As such, kids have to be more creative. Further, interacting with nature has been shown to boost problem-solving skills. Often, this newfound creativity comes back with campers, even when they are able to resume their normal level of media consumption.

2. Breaking Down Screen Barriers

Often, we use technology to (sometimes subconsciously) avoid talking to people in real life. And if you’re doing this, there’s a good chance your kids are, too. When you send them to camp, there is no smartphone barrier between them and their cabin-mates. Camp allows for your kids to make meaningful and often lifelong connections with fellow campers. Further, studies have shown that spending time in nature without technology helps kids become more social.

3. Disconnect to Reconnect with the Spirit

At Jewish summer camp, many activities revolve around ruach. The Spirit is always around us, but experiencing it is often hindered by the screen in front of us. Camp allows kids to reconnect with nature, the Jewish community and other aspects of ruach in a meaningful way while they have the summer of their lives. This reconnection is not only brought home right after camp, but often has lifelong effects.

Jewish summer camp is an experience every child should be able to experience. Yet, affording camp is often the greatest barrier. If you need financial assistance for summer camp, the Atlanta Jewish Federation can help. Contact us today to learn more about our financial resources for Jewish summer camp.