Fundraising for Camp? Here Are Some Easy Ideas

Family Running Charity Bake Sale

Summer camp is often the highlight of a child’s year, but it can be difficult to figure out how you’re going to pay for this experience. Here are some fundraising ideas to keep your Jewish summer camp dreams funded.

1. Recycle for Cash

Teach kids about the value of recycling, while sending in the materials collected to a center that will pay you for items such as ink cartridges and aluminum cans!

2. Bake Sale

A classic fundraiser, have kids and parents provide homemade snacks that practically sell themselves. You can organize a bake sale with other families who are raising money for camp, or do it on your own.

3. Car Wash

Not only will this idea be a fun day for kids, but everyone loves to leave with a clean car. This is a perfect fundraiser for the late spring months just before camp, or right after camp before autumn weather sets in.

4. Crowdfunding

A crowdfunding website can be a great way to encourage your community to donate to your fundraising efforts from the comfort of their own home. All you have to do is email the link!

5. Sponsorship Letters

Have kids construct a letter explaining how their camp experience has impacted them, and send them out to potential sponsors to encourage higher donations. This can be a more personal way to raise money than sending a crowdfunding link.

6. Yard Sale or Auction

Everyone can use a good cleanout, and what better way to repurpose old items then to sell them for camp funding! Make sure the kids are involved so they can learn some other life lessons along the way, like being salesmen.

Fundraising can be tough, but we can help provide resources for camp. If you need financial aid for Jewish summer camp, reach out to our office. We have financial aid available for families in need of assistance.