How Jewish Summer Camp Turns Children Into Leaders

Boy throwing balls up by using rainbow parachute

You may be compiling a list of reasons to send your children to Jewish summer camp instead of choosing another summertime activity. One of the best reasons that experts have offers is the fact that camp builds leadership skills within its attendees. But how?

The development of these skills starts early and can happen in environments that we believe to be the least likely. In fact, it is often during low stress, relaxing, leisure situations that our skills are best developed.

Children who attend Jewish summer camp gain these skills through inspiration. Campers are able to look to counselors and adults who have perfected the art of leadership and emulate their behaviors. Every camper will have the opportunity to help others, either organically or through assignment. This opportunity allows children to feel valuable and encourages them to step up when needed.

Camp activities are designed to teach children how to communicate, how to work as a member of a team, and how to lead that team. Campers will need to understand how to work with one another, and support those who may be struggling, to complete activities. The completion of these activities will give campers confidence in their abilities and newfound leadership skills.

If you are interested in financial aid for Jewish summer camp, please reach out to our office. We know how beneficial summer camp can be to the young mind and we know that you may need assistance to ensure your child has these enriching experiences. We are here to assist you in any way we can. Please call our friendly team for more information.