Perfect Birthday Gifts for Your “Year-Round Camper”

little boy travels with compass in green forest

For some kids, a week or two of camp every year is more than enough time spent hiking, swimming and being constantly outdoors. But for others, going to Jewish summer camp is simply a supplement to a year-round urge to be in the wilderness. If your child is one who would rather spend their free time blazing new trails in the woods instead of playing video games, here are a few gift ideas for birthdays, Hanukkah and other holidays:

1. High-Quality Boots

Depending on how fast your child is growing and how often they are outdoors, they may outgrow athletic shoes seemingly as soon as you buy them. But for teenagers whose feet are pretty much done growing too much, a pair of high-quality hiking boots could be the perfect gift. Though they will be pricey, the right pair can last for years, even under rigorous conditions.

2. A Telescope

For young kids and teenagers alike, a telescope can make a wonderful gift for those who enjoy camping at night. They can be a bit complicated to set up, but once you have it figured out, telescopes are the gift that keep on giving. After all, there are few sights more beautiful than seeing a full moon in high magnification! Best of all, you can find great telescopes to fit nearly any budget and age level.

3. A Mountain Bike

Though hiking different trails is an invigorating experience, taking to the the path on a mountain bike is even more fun. Even if your kid isn’t a hiker, a mountain bike offers far more opportunities than, say, a road bike. Riders can go through fields, trails and other unpaved areas with ease. Just be sure to get the appropriate size bike — and helmet — for your bicyclist!

4. A Compass

While it may seem like a small gift, a high-quality compass can be the perfect addition to any outdoorsy kid’s gear. When children learn the skill of orienteering at a young age, they can feel more confident in unfamiliar territory when they get older. Plus, being able to use a compass effectively is becoming a lost art, so having that talent is definitely worth showing off!

Though your kids can use these gifts year-round, many of them will definitely be handy at summer camp. If you want to send your child to camp, but can’t afford it, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about the financial resources we offer for Jewish summer camp.