How to Save for Jewish Summer Camp

Coins in glass money jar with savings label, financial concept

It’s almost winter, meaning that it may seem to you as if next summer a long way off. If you want to send your child to Jewish summer camp, now is a great time to start saving. On average, it costs about $85 per day to send a child to camp, which can make coming up with several hundred dollars difficult for some families. Saving now could mean that your child gets an opportunity they wouldn’t otherwise have. Here are six tips for saving.

1. Start Early

Start saving now. Research the costs now and start putting money away. Many camps have savings for early registration, so the sooner you have the money, the more you may save.

2. Look for Aid

Many organizations, such as the Jewish Federation of  Atlanta, provide scholarships and aid for camp. Start researching your options now to determine what you will need to do to qualify.

3. Speak with a Financial Advisor

If you don’t qualify for aid, you may still be able to pay for your child’s camp in other ways. A financial instrument like a flexible spending arrangement can help you foot the bill.

4. Think Outside the Box

Look for a camp that may provide day programs at a rate that is more affordable than overnight camps. A local camp may offer day activities that you can pay for without having to sign your child up for a specific amount of time.

5. Remember Extra Expenses

There may be more expenses involved than just the costs of camp enrollment. You may need to purchase supplies for your child. You should also figure in the costs of transportation. Don’t forget these things when determining costs.

6. Consider the Value

Don’t assume that the most expensive camps are the best. Look into what each camp offers and make your decision based on what will give your child the most value for the dollar.

If you are looking for financial aid for Jewish summer camp, reach out to our office. We have financial aid available for families who need assistance.