Regardless of financial background, your child can have a transformative, “Camping with a Soul” experience at Jewish summer camp.

Why Jewish Camp?
Let us show you!

Your kids get the chance to explore who they are ­­and who they want to become in a fun environment!

Because ruach (spirit) is a part of every activity, campers can explore their connection to Judaism in a meaningful way while having the summer of their lives.

    Camp Testimonials

    I love so much about camp, but the aspect I love the most are the connections I make with my counselors. They have become like my older brothers. Over these past seven summers, I have definitely grown physically, but more importantly, something to hold onto mentally.

    I love camp because I love spending time with my friends, getting to know the Israelis, and talking to my counselors. I grew as a person at camp because I took chances and tried new things. Camp also helped me grow Jewishly because I love Shabbat at camp.

    Camp is an experience that can’t be compared to anything else. The singing, the sports, and the feeling of family are things that every kid should be able to enjoy. Camp gave me the opportunity to meet many many girls my age that I can relate to, talk to, and enjoy spending time with. The friends I made in camp I talk to almost everyday. I can’t wait to go back next year!

    “Kallah overall was a very powerful and inspiring experience because it grew my love and understanding for the Jewish community, and it grew my desire to keep the community alive and well. Camp was truly one of the best experiences of my life and I loved every moment of it. I have grown and learned a lot and can’t wait to use my knowledge in upcoming years.”

    Are you or your kids still unsure about Jewish summer camp?
    Watch these videos to see just how fun and enriching it can be!

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