Is My Kid Too Old for Summer Camp?

Many parents consider sending their kids to Jewish summer camp, and then pause. They wonder if their kids are too old. For some reason, summer camp tends to be thought of as a place for smaller children and not for teenagers. So here’s the answer to the question in your head: No. Your child is (probably) not too old for summer camp.

Summer camp provides a wealth of opportunity for tween and teens that shouldn’t be overlooked. Skills like acceptance, respect and friendship can be taken with your kid into their adult lives and, let’s face it, teenage relationships are light years different than the relationships between young children.

Summer camp today may be a better option for tween and teens than ever before. In today’s world of social media, texting and technology, kids are forgetting how to develop personal relationships. When you send your child to camp, they are given the opportunity to connect with same-aged peers on a more personal level.

One of the things you can do is to look at the difference camps available to find the right fit for your kid. Your child may not be interested in making crafts, but they may be very interested in learning a musical instrument or participating in outdoor activities. Jewish summer camp may be centered around faith, but camps differ. Find one that is best suited to your teen.

If you are interested in finding financial aid for Jewish summer camp this year, reach out. We are here to help ensure that your child is able to experience camp regardless of your financial situation. We can help find the money you need.

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Last Minute Summer Camp Packing Tips

It’s almost time. Your little one will be going off to summer camp. You’re pretty much packed, but you could use a bit of help. Are you organizing the bags correctly? Do you need to label things? Here are some last minute packing tips to help you make sure your child is ready for summer camp.

1. Plastic Bags

Freezer bags, gallon bags and sandwich bags are your friends. Buy several boxes of varying sizes. Gallon bags are great for shoes and summer clothes. Sandwich bags are great for chargers, underwear and socks. Storing things in plastic bags will help your child find what they are looking for quickly.

2. Label Everything

If you want it returned to you, label it. How you label things will depend on what they are, but everything your child takes to camp should have their name emblazoned on it somewhere.

3. Toiletries

Pack toiletries in their own bag. The camp your child attends may have requirements when it comes to sizes and how they are packed so be sure to ask. Having these items in their own bag will let your child find them with ease.

4. Bedding

If the camp your child is attending expects them to pack their own bedding, put this all in a separate bag. If your child has a favorite pillow or stuffed animal, be sure to pack it.

5. A Small Gift

A surprise gift waiting for your child when they open their bag will be welcomed. Make your child feel special by purchasing something small, wrapping it and putting it on top of whatever you’ve packed. It can go a long way in making them feel a little less homesick.

If you would like assistance in finding financial aid for Jewish Summer Camp in Atlanta, reach out to our friendly team. We can help you find the means to pay for your child’s camp this year.

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