Some children get homesick when they go to camp, especially for the first time. Other children get “campsick” when they come home. Making friends and then having to leave them can be emotional for kids who attend camp.

You may know how to deal with homesickness, but do you know what to do for your child when they’re missing their campmates?

1. Exchange Phone Numbers

Cell phones make it easier than ever to stay in touch. If your children are too little for a phone, exchange numbers with the other parent and set up a schedule for Facetime or phone calls. This can turn a budding friendship into a lasting one.

2. Email

Emailing is appropriate for children of all ages and has two benefits: It will allow your little one to keep in touch with new friends, and it lets them practice their keyboarding skills. Emails should be copied to parents until children are old enough to communicate unsupervised.

3. Skype

If you don’t have cell phones that are compatible with one another for video calling, install Skype on your computer. Skyping is the perfect option for kids who want to be able to see each other on a regular basis. Get creative. Your kids can read books to one another, watch movies together and do many of the same things virtually that they would do in person.

4. Schedule Visits

Children who live within the same geographical area can visit one another on occasion. Set up a field trip to the local zoo or botanical garden, head out to a park or splash pad. There are ways that you can get the kids together that won’t break the bank.

If you are interested in pursuing financial aid for Jewish summer camp, please reach out to our helpful team. We understand how important camp is and are here to help make sure your child gets to attend.