How to Avoid Stings and Bites at Summer Camp

happy excited kids having fun together on playground

No one wants to become a meal for insects. Unfortunately, millions of us spend a few uncomfortable days each summer after being bitten by the local population of mosquitoes. Even worse is the itching sensation of a bee sting.

The good news is that many of these bites and stings can be avoided with a bit of proactive behavior on your part. If your child is going to summer camp this year, here’s how to help them avoid being uncomfortable:

1. Eucalyptus Oil

Bugs hate eucalyptus oil. Make a solution of 1 cup of water to five drops of eucalyptus oil. Dab the solution on the skin for a natural insect repellent. Calendula ointment can be dabbed on the skin as well if you are looking for another natural repellent.

2. Long Sleeves and Pants

Pack long sleeve shirts and long pants with your child. It might be hot and they may prefer to wear as little as allowed, but covering their skin can help will help protect them from stings and bites.

3. Light Colors

While you’re packing, make sure that you pack light colored clothing. Bees and wasps are attracted to bright colors that may mimic the shade of flowers. Interestingly, insects cannot see the color red, making it a great choice.

4. Avoid Body Sprays

Have your child avoid wearing body sprays and perfumes. These scents can attract stinging and biting insects. Soap and water to clean with is fine, but anything beyond that should be avoided.

Summer camp can be an enjoyable experience for your young child. You want to be sure that they are as comfortable as possible during their stay. A week or two spent itching and scratching is no fun. Use the tips above to help your child prevent bites and stings.

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