There are so many camp choices for children with disabilities! From highly specialized camps to general inclusion programs, there are options for every child.

With thorough research, the right camp can be found and can provide all children the opportunity to socialize with peers and experience Jewish joy and culture.

There are a number of programs in the Greater Atlanta area for children with disabilities. Approaches vary by camp, but may include dedicated programs, additional staff, and customized facilities.

Camp Barney Medintz offers the Chalutzim Program for campers ages 10-20 with special needs (offered first session only).

Camp Coleman is an inclusive setting for children with disabilities to enjoy overnight summer camp in a Jewish environment. They have a social worker on staff to help include all types of children. Camp Coleman also offers the Chadash Program, a vocational-educational program for young adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, ages 18-24.

Camp Judaea is an inclusive camp that strives to serve all children, including those with a wide range of disabilities in a mainstream setting.

Camp Ramah Darom offers a Tikvah program for children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The National Ramah Network offers other Tikvah camps for children with a variety of disabilities.

Camp Yofi also takes place at Ramah Darom and is an award-winning, one-of-a-kind program for Jewish families with children with autism spectrum disorder between the ages of six and 13.

Need more help in your camp selection?

Special Needs Kids Info offers an excellent list of questions to ask during your research! – See more at:

Please contact us to discuss the variety of programs available inside and outside our region to determine the best camp for your child.

Financial assistance for campers with special needs

Atlanta’s Jewish Camp Task Force has allocated a percentage of funds to support campers with special needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can help find the right camp for your child and make camp more affordable.

Everyone is valuable and contributes to our Jewish community. Yet one in five individuals — many of whom who you know, work with, or are part of your family — has a disability and encounters barriers that make participating in Jewish life a challenge. Federation helps enable people with disabilities in Atlanta and around the world to join in all aspects of the community, including Jewish school programs, social clubs, team sports, wellness activities, and camp.